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Quotations from the special TV programme Gica has been invited at "CNN Turk"

What did Galatasaray give you?

What about your unforgettable momemts?

Do you agree that everyone loves you ?

Are you tired?

You argue with the referees.Are you always right and are they always wrong?

What do you plan to do after your retirement?

At Galatasaray?

What Lucescu says about Hagi:

After the match against Real Madrid (April 3, 2001)

"I'm proud of this victory. We tried to win the game in the second half and all my friends did their best. Fatih Akyel played especially well and created two goals."

After the match against Genclerbirligi (March 10, 2001)

"I even don't want to call this person a referee, he is a thief.He tried to stole points from us but we didn't let.Some people don't want us to be the champions.If they want this that much we can give it as a gift."

After the match against Milan

“We did our best to beat Milan. All the people know how strong Milan is. But we played well and got a real victory against them. I congratulate all my team-mates."

After Deportivo match (February 14 2001)

Hagi said getting three points is very important for them and he is very happy for this.They asked him whether they guarenteed semi-finals or not.He said "Nooooooooo...Noooooo" :))) "Let's talk these after Milan match." The interviewer said that "Today is Valentines Day.What do you think about it?" Hagi was surprised with this question.He laughed and said "I am kissing everyone.."

January 2001

During a train the third goalkeeper Mehmet was laughing after a goal which was scored mainly due to his mistake and Hagi got angry and warned him strictly."Why do you laugh? Am I laughing? Take your job serious and try to correct your mistake."

About to return in Romania: "I say that in spite of my love for the country and for Romanian football in general. I was always a man who fought for my country's colors, and I would have died on the pitch to help the national team, but I will not go anywhere near these people who are not interested in football, but only in making money from the talent of the players."

Hagi said about the draws of quarter finals: "I want Arsenal as our next opponents," declared the Galatasaray midfielder, who was sent off when the sides last met in the 2000 Uefa Cup final. The Romania legend added: "I was shown the red card and I have never forgotten that. I still want to show people I have something to offer, so I hope we can be drawn to face Arsenal.

Hagi said he would play for Romania, and not for the World XI at his gala. "I retire from the national team, so I'll play the whole match only for it."

"Son arzum Galatasaray ile 5. şampiyonluk. Aslında iki tane istiyordum, ama şanssız bir şekilde Real Madrid'e elendik. En sevdiğim şeyi iyi anılarla ve mutlu bir şekilde bırakmak istiyorum. Türkiye'de yaşadığım yıllar bana hep mutluluk verdi. Beşinci şampiyonluğumuz da benim için iyi bir veda hediyesi olacak. Son bir yılını futbolla dolu dolu geçirmek istediğini söyleyen Rumen süperstar, jübile heyecanını ilk futbol oynadığı dönemdeki heyecanına benzeterek, "Tuhaf ama, garip duyguları hissediyorum. Bazı şeylerin sonuna geliyorum, bunun farkındayım. 36 ya da 37 yaşında olmak, futbol için yaşlı sayılsa da, yaşayacağınız hayat için aslında çok genç bir yaş"



New ones will be added day by day...Just a start...Keep an eye... :)



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